Treat Yourself at Epsilon

Epsilon owner Libby wanted to do things a little differently when she opened her own salon.

She had a vision for a place that went above and beyond what most people have come to expect from a hair salon. She wanted to provide an experience rooted in wellness; to show people that taking the time to have your hair done can mean being nourished and pampered, leaving you with not only amazing hair, but a feeling of being replenished and empowered.

Part of that vision is manifested in the carefully handpicked food and drinks on offer at Epsilon. Every day, clients can enjoy beautiful fair-trade coffee from local suppliers, herbal tea - even an organic handmade lemon and ginger tea during their treatment, but Libby, a vegan herself, wanted to introduce clients to a delicious, nourishing, healthier way to indulge; with vegan bliss balls every Friday and vegan cookies and slices every time the salon celebrates a special occasion.

"When they taste it, it's amazing - for a lot of people it's their first experience eating anything vegan, and they're so surprised at how delicious it is!" 

Epsilon proudly supports local businesses (like Real Rad Food) and their vegan treats echo their cruelty free stance, stocking and using only ethical brands like Kevin Murphy, Davines and Hot Tresses.

Read more about the Epsilon Hair philosophy here, and follow Epsilon on Instagram to keep up to date on special treat days!